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Letter from the President

December 7th, 2016

Dear MNTRN Members,

As we are in the midst of this holiday season, as President of MNTRN I would like to reflect on what a very successful year it has been and to say “thank you” to all of you, our valued Members.  

MNTRN is YOUR organization.  The MNTRN Board are volunteers to serve you with the goal of providing career enhancement opportunities through our Educational / Learning and Networking Events throughout the year.  We appreciate your support and commitment to the MNTRN Network.  I have enjoyed connecting with you at our events and making new professional acquaintances.  Thank you to all of you who participated in some way with MNTRN this past year.  By renewing your membership, attending the events, offering suggestions to enhance the organization and helping to recruit prospective members to MNTRN – these are all very valuable ways to show your dedication and support. 

All of us in the recruiting industry have a great deal to be proud of as our knowledge and skills in securing talent for our respective organizations is more valued than ever!   The most important component of any company is their people.  The challenges have never been greater to recruit and hire skilled resources.  Therefore our value to the industry has never been more important. 

MNTRN is the largest non-profit recruiting network in the Midwest.  Our overall membership has shown tremendous growth in 2016 including new highs for Corporate Members.

In 2016 our social networking opportunities via Happy Hours at fun, unique locations have continued to be well received.  This was highlighted by the August Saints game where we secured the Craft Beer Corner for our members which also included a pregame BBQ picnic. 

We also received tremendous positive feedback to our 2016 Lunch & Learn events.

The events included:

  • 1-      Marcia Ballinger, 20 Minute Networking
  • 2-      MNTRN / LEHRN full day Recruiter and HR Conference
  • 3-      Laura Stoker, Unearthing Hidden Talent
  • 4-      Mary Faulkner, 3 Ps of Talent Acquisition
  • 5-      Rebecca Warren, Improv: Adding Ideation, Innovation, and Inspiration to your Organization!
  • 6-      Piyumi Samaratunga, Visa Sponsorship, Immigration and Global Mobility
  • 7-      Kate Bischoff, Employment Litigation

It is no coincidence that these types of positive improvements have taken place. We have a very strong and growing membership base, a committed Board working together as a large team to continue to mold MNTRN into a go-to organization for ongoing training and professional growth.  .  

We will have many exciting opportunities to engage with MNTRN in 2017 as well as the near term. 

  • 1-      December 12th,  MNTRN / First Tuesday Ugly Sweater Party and Holiday Social
  • 2-      December 14th,  MNTRN’s first webinar with Laura Stoker
  • 3-      January 11, Paul DeBettignies presenting “Training Recruiters”
  • 4-      March, 2017….Panel Group discussing recruiting best practices with emphasis on Q&A
  • 5-      April, 2017 …..MNTRN / LEHRN full day Recruiting and HR expo
  • 6-      August, 2017….St. Paul Saints game networking event

There will be many other events announced early in 2017.  Please check the MNTRN website for event updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact the MNTRN Board to share ideas you may have for speakers, learning topics or any other thoughts you may have to enhance YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Also, if you have an interest in becoming a Committee Member, please contact me directly.  We have high expectations for the upcoming year therefore it will be very busy.  We would welcome anyone who has a desire to assist.

Thank you for making it a great year for all of us. Happy Holidays to all of you and we hope to see you soon in the New Year,


James Meyer

MNTRN President

(651) 452-8825

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