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December 16, 2018

Happy Holidays Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Friends,

WOW! What a year for all of us involved in the Talent Acquisition industry.  I have been involved in this industry for 30 years and have never experienced such demand for the services we all provide to our external or internal clients. 

All of us in the recruiting industry have a great deal to be proud of as our knowledge and skills in securing talent for our respective organizations is more valued than ever!   The most important component of any company is their people.  The challenges have never been greater to recruit and hire skilled resources.  Therefore our value to the industry has never been more important. 

The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and also look forward to the upcoming year….and most importantly take some personal time as a reward for the hard work we invested into our respective jobs.

2018 was another successful year for MNTRN filled with learning and networking opportunities.

As President of MNTRN I would to say “thank you” to all of you and your enthusiastic participation for MNTRN events.  A special Thank You goes out to Cargill, MakeIT.MSP, Medtronic, FuelWork, LEHRN and others for your partnership with MNTRN and also On-Demand Group for their continued support via Corporate Sponsorship.

I am excited to announce our new Board including President.  I would like to congratulate Marty Pleasant as the new MNTRN President.  Her term will begin January 1st. 

I also would like to recognize our other new officers:

Vice President…….John Puchtel

Treasurer…………..Brad Snedeker

Secretary…………..Nick Paluch

I have been on the MNTRN Board for many years as Treasurer, Vice President and the past 3 years as President.  I have enjoyed my time serving the Talent Acquisition community and the opportunity to make many new friends and acquaintances.  It is a wonderful organization made up of a great Board and you, our membership.

The Board successfully implemented two major changes this past year.  The first was the completion of our rebranding.   MNTRN, from its beginning was an acronym for Minnesota Technical Recruiter Network.  Moving forward, the Board has rebranded the organization to more accurately depict MNTRN’s true devotion which is TALENT….Minnesota TALENT & Recruiting Network.

MNTRN is YOUR organization.  The MNTRN Board are volunteers to serve you with the goal of providing career enhancement opportunities through our Educational / Learning and Networking Events throughout the year.  We appreciate your support and commitment to the MNTRN Network.  I have enjoyed connecting with you at our events and making new professional acquaintances.  Thank you to all of you who participated in some way with MNTRN this past year.  By renewing your membership, attending the events, offering suggestions to enhance the organization and helping to recruit prospective members to MNTRN – these are all very valuable ways to show your dedication and support. 

We received tremendous positive feedback to our 2018 Learning and Networking events which included:

- Lessons Learned from a Blogging Innovator and a Top Networked Recruiting Duo…. Luke & Kate Doubler
- Winter Social…..Utepils Brewery
- Beyond Grit: Embracing Passion and Purpose To Gain the High-Performance Edge… Cindra Kamphoff
- Spring Social….BlackStack Brewing & Can Can Wonderland
- The Recruiting Funnel is Lying to You!....James Ellis
- LEHRN Full Day Recruiter and HR Conference...St. Paul River Centre
- MNTRN Talent Acquisition / Recruiting Break Out Session Speakers
- AI or BS…..Doug Berg
- The Hype around Hyper-Personalization…..Jackye Cladyton
- The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Building Talent Acquisition Analytics…Dawn Burke
- Diversity Isn’t A Color……Jackye Clayton
- Recruiting In A Time Of Talent Migration…..Panel Discussion, hosted by Cargill
- Fall Social….Venn Brewing
- The Career Recruiter: Staying Ahead of the Game…..Jess Von Bank, FuelWork
- Toys For Tots / Ugly Sweater Holiday Event in partnership with First Tuesday

It is no coincidence that these types of positive improvements have taken place. We have a very strong and growing membership base, a committed volunteer Board working together as a large team to continue to mold MNTRN into a go-to organization for ongoing training and professional growth.    

We look forward to an exciting 2019 with many events planned.  We will be kicking off the season on January 24th with internationally recognized HR and Talent Acquisition expert, Jason Averbook.  This will be a morning event.  Please check the MNTRN website for event updates and to sign up.

Please do not hesitate to contact the MNTRN Board to share ideas you may have for speakers, learning topics or any other thoughts you may have to enhance YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Also, if you have an interest in becoming a Board Committee Member, please reach out to a Board Member directly via our website.  We have high expectations for the upcoming year therefore it will be very busy.  We would welcome anyone who has a desire to assist.

Thank you for making it a great year for all of us. Happy Holidays to all of you and we hope to see you soon in the New Year,


James Meyer
MNTRN President
INT Technologies, Regional Manager
(651) 452-8825