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Video: The Career Recruiter - How to Punch Above Your Weight Class with Jess Von Bank

 | Published on 11/12/2018
he Career Recruiter - How to Punch Above Your Weight Class!

Please click on this link to enjoy this fantastic video presentation with Jess Von Bank: MNTRN November Webinar!

Presentation Items: 

State of the State: Competing for talent has never been tougher; here’s why!

What’s recruiting? And what’s marketing? Where do the 
two overlap? Is it a tug-of-war, or is it a collaboration?

What are simple marketing things recruiters can 
do to create brand awareness, value proposition, 
and presence in their market and vertical?

As a small operator, how do I develop a voice 
and establish a presence in my market?

If I’m a bigger organization with marketing 
resources, how do I leverage those to promote 
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